Persons Screening for Health Risks

Persons who desire to obtain genetic information about themselves (or a dependent) can submit a sample of saliva or blood.

The following information can be derived from whole genome sequencing:

1) Predisposition to disease development

2) Carrier status of conditions that might impact an offspring

3) Pharmacogenomic information (drug response)

4) Hereditary cancer predisposition

Participant(s) receive a digital copy of the entire genome DNA sequenced, and a medical report based on the genome sequence data is delivered to ordering doctor. All tests offered through Merogenomics require a physician to sign a test requisition form. 

The client is strongly encouraged to seek genetic counseling prior to genome sequencing and after obtaining results.

Partial genome analysis can also be undertaken to obtain a specific subset of information, such as pharmacogenetic testing.


DNA Tests for Health Risks