Persons Screening for Disease Risk / Drug Use

Persons who desire to obtain genetic information about themselves (or a dependent) can submit a sample of saliva or blood.

The following information can be derived from whole genome sequencing:

1) Predisposition to disease development

2) Carrier status of conditions that might impact an offspring

3) Pharmacogenomic information

4) Information related to health, such as predisposition to obesity

5) Additional trait information

6) Ancestral information

Participant(s) will receive a digital copy of the entire genome DNA sequenced, and a customizable Analysis Report based on the genome sequence data, stratified from the most to the least clinically validated. The genomic data are not a substitute for professional medical advice, and must be reviewed by a medical doctor before being used for diagnosis or treatment.

The client is strongly encouraged to seek genetic counseling prior to genome sequencing and after obtaining results.

A Merogenomics Inc. representative is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.


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