About the Company

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Mission Statement: Merogenomics Inc. is dedicated to enhancing access of clients worldwide to genomic sequencing education and technologies.

Mikolaj Raszek

Founder and managing director

Merogenomics Inc., based in Edmonton, Canada, was founded by Dr. Mikolaj Raszek in 2015, who currently manages the corporation. Dr. Mikolaj Raszek holds a degree in Honours Genetics as well as a doctorate degree in Biochemistry, both obtained at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. During graduate studies, Dr. Raszek became excited by combinatorial biosynthesis and its application to genomics.

After defending his PhD dissertation, Dr. Raszek moved to Germany in 2012 to work at the University of Leipzig. Continued interest in microbial genomics exposed him to the still novel but burgeoning field of genomic medicine based on human DNA sequencing, and he decided to continue his career in this area of science.

Upon his return to Canada in 2013, Dr. Raszek found employment in Edmonton at Livestock Gentec, a young company dedicated to exploring the commercial benefits of genomic research in the Canadian livestock industry. The benefits that genomic sequencing could offer became clear, and in 2014 Dr. Raszek decided to start a business that would provide access to genome sequencing to the general public. Merogenomics Inc. came into existence to provide greater awareness and education about the benefits (and limitations) of genome sequencing.

Human genome sequencing affords information about one’s inner biology. The greatest promise of genome sequencing is the medical value this information can provide. This technology is novel and still widely unavailable to the public. However, when Individuals realise how genome sequencing might benefit them personally, participation will grow and procedural costs will shrink, making a personalized approach to medicine available to everyone.

Merogenomics Inc. was conceived to make the benefits of genome sequencing accessible to the general public. The public’s benefit is our main goal and we aim to achieve that through spreading awareness about the use of this technology, by studying its maximal benefit potential for personal investigation, and by ensuring that each user will experience the highest standard of safety. We believe that the public should take an active role in determining the best utility of this emerging technology, and directly participate in shaping our collective knowledge from biological, ethical, and legal points of view. The staff at Merogenomics Inc. seek to promote awareness about the best societal use and economic value of genomic technologies among governmental agencies, policy makers, industry stake holders, patient advocacy groups, and commercial interests.