DNA Test Results Storage and Reanalysis

DNA test results data storage

All of the service providers will automatically and indefinitely store a client’s DNA sequence data and its interpretation for future reanalysis as new scientific data emerges.

The client has the option to request personal data destruction and removal from the service provider’s databases, although there might be an imposed time limit as to how soon such action could take place due to potential regulatory obligations with regards to the management of health-related records.

The client also has the option of having their data backed up to be in their personal possession or through additional third-party storage. For a yearly renewal fee, a third party can provide DNA digital cloud storage with data encryption and password access. Merogenomics can help its clients find access to long term storage of their digital DNA sequence file(s).

Merogenomics strongly recommends considering at least one of these options, especially downloading your own copy of the DNA sequencing results. Appropriate safekeeping of the data should be regarded.

There are important considerations with regards to owning one’s DNA sequence data. That includes the fact that long-term multi-generational family genomic information can extend medical value to future generations. Therefore how the data is stored, who owns it, and who inherits it after the client passes away are important factors.


DNA sequence reanalysis

The information presented in the Analysis Report represents an interpretation of the DNA sequence based on the current state of scientific knowledge. As more human genomes are sequenced, new information is uncovered at a rapid pace. Variants that previously were deemed to be of unknown significance, might be discovered to play an important role in trait development. Therefore, reanalysis of a gene sequence can take advantage of new scientific knowledge.

Genome sequence reanalysis based on new scientific data and techniques can be performed every couple of years after the original Analysis Report is issued, or as personal need arises. This is one of the main advantages of sequencing the full genome, as one’s entire personal DNA information is captured, allowing for unlimited future comprehensive interpretation of the data. A cost will apply for each updated Analysis Report.

To access data reanalysis service the client must either:

  • Store the genome DNA sequence in a digital repository and choose an option of future reanalysis (there is no cost for storage if the data is kept with the original service provider who performed the test). Third party provider of genome reanalysis can access the stored DNA sequence for latest data interpretation
  • Reload the subject’s genome at secure website portal for additional analysis. Third party provider of genome reanalysis can access the stored DNA sequence for latest data interpretation

There are number of situations that could prompt DNA data reanalysis besides the recommended updates:

  • The client develops new symptoms that require or could benefit from a genetic diagnosis
  • A closely-related family member shows symptoms of a suspected genetic disease
  • A medical specialist overseeing the client desires access to the latest genetic interpretation in order to apply it towards their medical management
  • The client requires a treatment that could benefit from a genetic interpretation towards a response or prognosis

This service can also be utilized if the client’s decision to omit specific types of information in the Analysis Report has changed after the data have been delivered. The client has the option of having the genome in question reanalyzed to gain access to the types of information that were previously excluded.


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