Mothers for Prenatal Screening

A pregnant woman can obtain the genome sequence of the fetus by providing a sample of her blood. Genomes of both mother and offspring will need to be sequenced from the same blood sample. Mother’s blood is to be drawn by a trained healthcare professional and delivered to the genome sequencing facility by the healthcare institution where the blood sample was taken. In addition to information typically delivered in the Analysis Report (see details), fetal DNA sequence will reveal the sex, rhesus D status, and if chromosomal aneuploidies and rearrangements exist (within the scope of technical capability). All procedures also analyze the whole genome sequence for additional informative DNA variations. Participant will receive a digital copy of the entire genome DNA sequenced, and a customizable Analysis Report based on the genome sequence data. The genomic data are not a substitute for professional medical advice, and must be reviewed by a medical doctor before being used for diagnosis or treatment. A Merogenomics Inc. representative is available to answer questions you may have regarding the procedure. All tests offered through Merogenomics require a physician to sign a test requisition form.



Prenatal DNA Tests