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Genome Sequencing Tests for Patients

The genome sequencing procedures that are offered to private consumers by Merogenomics Inc. can also be requested by a healthcare provider on behalf of a patient. In such instance, Merogenomics Inc. recommends that blood sample be drawn at a medical clinic, rather than using a saliva sample, as blood samples yield enhanced results. Some procedures, such as prenatal noninvasive genome sequencing require a blood sample.

We can supply healthcare providers access to our expertise and opinions of available market options.

Healthcare providers involved with Merogenomics Inc. will receive information on genome sequencing options in both clinical and private settings, if available, with advantages listed for the suggested options.

No client medical records are needed to initiate a genome sequencing order for a client by a healthcare provider. The client will sign an agreement with Merogenomics Inc. A third party service provider can send a sample collection kit to the ordering physician or to the preferred laboratory to obtain the subject’s blood, saliva, or a cancer biopsy sample. Please enquire with Merogenomics Inc. to determine what type of samples can be accepted for profiling. The Analysis Report based on the genome sequencing tests will be delivered to the client and to the ordering physician. The client will receive a digital copy of the genome sequence.

Educational Seminars

Merogenomics Inc. offers seminars regarding the uses of genome sequencing technologies and their limitations in data generation and interpretation in the context of patient care. Please contact Dr. Mikolaj Raszek for a seminar schedule and rates.

Healthcare providers are welcome to contact Merogenomics Inc. with inquiries about the uses of genome sequencing.

If you are interested in assisting the efforts of Merogenomics Inc. through collaboration or sponsorships, please contact Dr. Mikolaj Raszek at 


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