For Consumers

What Merogenomics Inc. Offers to Clients

  • Analyses of different genetic and genomic based tests available on the market for private use
  • Assistance in finding an appropriate service or test
  • Evaluation of specific genomic services or tests already undertaken by the client
  • Expert opinion on genomic tools based on the latest scientific evidence and Merogenomics Inc.’s access to professionals in the field


A free consultation can be arranged by contacting a Merogenomics Inc. representative at Calls via Skype are welcome by means of merogenomics username. We respect client privacy and understand if the client is not comfortable with employing a camera during the Skype call.

Merogenomics Inc. will help clients find third party service providers that match the desired criteria at the highest standard of service and technological accuracy available. The client is informed if limitations or deficiencies are identified by Merogenomics Inc. in the genome sequencing procedures available on the market. As a rapidly evolving technology, the genomic sequencing procedure undergoes continual improvement, and many laboratory procedures differ in detail. The price to obtain a single genome sequence can range from below $2000 to several thousand dollars, depending on the technical demands of the test(s) required by the client. The genomic data analyses of a simple test will be delivered to the client in approximately one week; the delivery time will increase according to the complexity of the test. 

Merogenomics Inc. Genome Sequencing Consulting Fee

Basic Service

Merogenomics Inc. charges $500 starting fee for assistance to purchase a genome sequencing procedure and related technologies. This fee covers the consulting services provided by Merogenomics Inc. and does not include the cost of the genome sequencing procedure or other services provided by third parties. Additional fees apply if more in-depth services are required by Merogenomics Inc. The client can expect the following amenities for the $500 fee:

  • A 0.5 hr Skype video call
  • Assistance with access to a genetic counselor before or after the genome sequencing procedure (10% of the final counselor fee will be paid to Merogenomics if the counselor is ordered through Merogenomics Inc.)
  • Contact with a treating physician if required
  • A report of recommended genome sequencing procedures available on the market (advantages and limitations of the procedures are included, with current prices available)
  • Assistance with ordering the genome sequence procedure from a service provider and sample handling
  • Communication with relevant personnel (e.g., doctors, technicians) on behalf of the client to gather information of interest
  • Assistance with validation of pathogenic variants ($100 fee will be paid to Merogenomics Inc. if the validation is performed in a laboratory different from the laboratory in which the genome sequencing procedure was performed; 10% of the validation fee will be paid to Merogenomics if the validation is ordered through Merogenomics Inc.)
  • If adverse incidental findings are discovered, Merogenomics Inc. will assist the client to access a support network

Premium Service

If an order for genome sequencing is placed through Merogenomics Inc., a fee amounting to 10% of the final cost of the genome sequencing procedure will be paid to Merogenomics Inc. (5% if the cost of the genome sequencing is over $5000). The following further assistance is provided by Merogenomics Inc. as part of this fee:

  • Evaluation of the technical performance of the genome sequence procedure
  • Contact the client’s insurance company for information about reimbursement of the cost of genome sequencing
  • Assistance with the receipt and comprehension of the Analysis Report issued by the genome sequencing service provider (Merogenomics Inc. does not interpret genome sequencing results)
  • Assistance in the search for medical expertise if it is required after the genome sequencing results are obtained
  • Assistance with the storage and/or reanalysis of genome sequence data (10% of the final cost of storage or reanalysis will be paid to Merogenomics Inc. if the service is ordered through Merogenomics Inc.)

Extended Service

More detailed assistance will incur an additional fee of $500 per 5 hour unit of work, for a maximum limit of $2000. Additional time commitment will be at the discretion of Merogenomics Inc. The client will be informed if additional work is required. A long term contract can be considered if a longer term relationship is desired.


Payment for services offered by Merogenomics Inc. can be processed only after a consultation with a Merogenomics Inc. representative. Merogenomics Inc. can accept payment through all major credit cards, bank transfer or using PayPal.


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Merogenomics Inc. representatives can be contacted via e-mail:, phone: 780-665-5336, or Skype: merogenomics.


Healthcare providers interested in Merogenomics Inc. services can access information here.


Service providers interested in collaborating with Merogenomics Inc. or its services can access information here.



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