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Here is November news from Merogenomics.


Short educational video

I have made and recorded a presentation on the latest genomic research data in hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. Lot's of amazing data is constantly coming out. If you are interested in the topic, more about that later in the newsletter. Below is a short few minutes excerpt from the presentation on a new concept I have not yet introduced in detail in my videos: pharmacogenomics, or what can we learn about how you respond to medications based on your DNA.

If you have any follow up information or ideas on what you would like to see future videos about, please let us know. Enjoy.

Image of Merogenomics pharmacogenomics and cancer short video


Latest publications

Only one article was published in October, but it was an accompanying article for the presentation in honour of the breast cancer awareness month. If you are interested in how common is inherited predisposition for breast and ovarian cancers, that is just one of many interesting facts listed!


Inherited cancer mutations

GIF image for the Merogenomics blog post on inherited cancer mutations


For the second post I will mention once again recent article on different genome sequencing technologies, and their importance in analyzing large structural mutations as that is a common theme in cancers and diseases and mentioned in the article above.

Human versus gorilla DNA – size does matter!

GIF of Merogenomics DNA sequencing technologies blog post


We are always on a search for new ideas to write about, so if there is something you would want to see covered, please let us know.


Latest news

We are happy to announce that we learned that full genome sequencing can be purchased under the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) which includes Health Spending Account or Cost Plus Plan if you are a business owner. This means that you can now enjoy genome sequencing benefits all paid for through your company and deducted as a Business Expense at 100%! You can therefore receives this benefit from your company 100% Tax Free!

There are certain regulations from CRA, and the primary one is that there has to be an indication for testing, meaning that there would need to be a Physician’s prescription for such testing based on a “medically necessary” reason for the testing. If you are presumed healthy individual and you would still like to pay for genome sequencing with your PHSP, the best method is to chart your family medical history to determine if there is an indication for testing due to pattern of observed health problems. Please inquire with us for tools on how to chart your family history.

If you don't have PSHP for your business and you are interested in setting one up, we can connect you with a local expert that did the investigation for Merogenomics.


We are also very proud to announce that we have an agreement to become a distributor of one of the best non-invasive prenatal tests in the world, offered from the biggest company in the DNA sequencing field! There are still very few distributors of this test, and none in Alberta, and what distinguishes this test from its competitors is much more comprehensive analysis of chromosomal abnormalities. This in turn reduces the failure rate of the test compared to others.

If you know anyone who is pregnant or planning to start a family, we can now connect them with this quality test. All major professional obstetrics societies in the world now recommend NIPT as the best screening method for fetal chromosomal abnormalities.

Image for the Merogenomics non-invasive prenatal screening option


A reminder that you can purchase a clinical genome sequencing screening test from one of the world's best providers, Variantyx from the FH Medical clinic for $4385 CAD (+GST). One of the in-house doctors will order the test, and the price also includes one hour of genetic counseling.

Image of FH Medical clinic logo

Image of Variantyx genome sequencing company logo

Merogenomics can assist you with background education, test selection, understanding of informed consent and test purchase. Email me to book your free consultation or call at 780-665-5336.


Upcoming events

Proud to announce to be one of the speakers at the upcoming Hearing Information Session on November 22 at Chateau Nova Kingsway. There will be two different independent sessions, in early afternoon and evening. Merogenomics was invited to present on hereditary cancers predisposition as an add-on value talk.

Click on the image below to go to more details about the event and for registration.

Image of November 22 2018 Hearing Information Session Eventbrite cover



I am seeking sponsors of my talks and blog articles, including completely free opportunities to sponsoring businesses. Last sponsorship investment was used to market seminar ads online resulting in thousands of people seeing the ad video with the sponsor logo. We will target ads to your preferred audience. Please book a one-to-one meeting for more details.


How you can help

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Happy genomes and stay tuned!


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