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Hello and happy National Love People Day! September has many days dedicated to kindness towards one another, and we sure can use a bit more of that these days, especially if you judge the internet rhetoric as a measure of where humanity is plunging. So, enjoy life to the fullest!

This month started with an International Day of Charity, which spilled into a National Day of Encouragement, after which we got slapped with World Gratitude Day before we fell into World Heart Day (we will interpret it on emotional and spiritual levels as opposed to just celebrating our favourite organs). And to crown it all off, September is a Self-Improvement Month.


Featured genetics

Let us continue the count down of the most commonly affected genes found when healthy people (without symptoms) screen their genetics.

MSH6 thumbnail

The featured gene this month is MSH6, the fifth most common result. Mutations in this gene increase the risk of Lynch syndrome, a very dangerous condition (if identified late) resulting in early colon cancer development, as well as uterine and other cancers. Due to its impact, Lynch syndrome predisposition is one of the more valuable pieces of information to gain from DNA testing.


Short educational videos

Covid-19 mRNA vaccine update 12 video thumbnail natural infection vs vaccination immunity

For everybody. Covid-19 mRNA vaccine update 12 discusses a publication related to immune protection differences between natural infections versus vaccinations, and info gleaned from the recent FDA approval of the BioNTech mRNA vaccine.

Covid-19 mRNA vaccine update 13 video thumbnail, Alberta Delta wave

For everybody. This very long video analyzes the pandemic wave by wave in Alberta, focusing on the latest Government of Alberta info, especially concerning the Delta wave. The high frequency of breakthrough cases is discussed; what it potentially means; and how we might need to deal with these unfortunate consequences. A warning is raised on the potential anti-unvaxxed rhetoric affecting kids who comprise a very large segment of the unvaccinated.


Latest publications

Emerging variants concerns Merogenomics blog post thumbnail GIF

How new emerging variants are outsmarting our antibodies

For everybody. Using the new Lambda variant of concern, this article illustrates how the virus can outsmart the vaccines, turning our antibodies against us.

The human genome finally completed Merogenomics blog post thumbnail GIF

The human genome finally completed!

For everybody. We finally truly sequenced the entire human genome. Ok, almost! We are now just missing one sex chromosome. This post tells you how this final frontier was achieved.


Let us know if you think of an interesting topic to be discussed that you would want to learn more about. Just keep in mind that we are usually at least couple articles ahead of publishing.


Latest news

TImmune escape – Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche explained testing Merogenomics blog post thumbnail GIF

Immune escape – Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche explained

For everybody. This article on the immune escape as envisioned by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche continues to garner great attention with 10,000 reads already! It has outcompeted Merogenomics' previous most clicked site dedicated to the benefits and limitations of genome sequencing. Check it out if you haven't yet. Ha! We wish our DNA tests were getting this much attention! :D


Upcoming events

Every week we host a webinar dedicated to a specific type of DNA testing in one of these four target groups: presumed healthy, undiagnosed conditions, cancer and pregnancy. Pass it on to anyone you might know in these target groups that you believe would be curious or could benefit from DNA testing.

DNA testing in health Eventbrite webinar thumbnail DNA testing in undiagnosed Eventbrite webinar thumbnail
DNA testing in cancer Eventbrite webinar thumbnail DNA testing in pregnancy Eventbrite webinar thumbnail


How you can help

  • Forward to a friend that can benefit
  • Attend events, bring a friend
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Ask your doctor about a genome sequencing test


Happy genomes and stay tuned for more exciting info next month!