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Hello and Happy Chinese New Year 2019 from Merogenomics!


Short educational video

This month's short video is an excerpt from a presentation about the inherited predisposition of breast and ovarian cancers. This 6-minute video explains how DNA mutations are made, how common they are, and how a person can be predisposed to cancer through genetics.

If you have a burning question related to DNA topics that you would like to see answered in future videos, please let us know. Enjoy!

Image of Merogenomics Cancer Gene Panels short video


Latest publications

The first featured article for this month is Merogenomics first post created with medical doctors in mind, and talks about the top three considerations that doctors and patients alike should consider when dealing with DNA tests.


The top three protections for physicians using genomic medicine

GIF image for the Merogenomics blog post on DNA testing top 3 protections for doctors


The second post is a return to our annual tradition of commenting on the most shared articles of the previous year about anything related to DNA. It makes for an assortment of eclectic but always amusing stories, and last year, topics on politics and redheads dominated!


Most gossiped about genetic news of 2018

GIF of Merogenomics post on most shared stories on DNA in 2018


The final article presents the latest scientific information on the benefits of sequencing babies at birth. How many presumed healthy babies do you think were found to be genetically affected?


The value of DNA sequencing at birth

GIF image for the Merogenomics blog post on the benefits of DNA testing at birth


Is there a DNA sequencing topic that is of interest to you and that you would want to see covered? Don't be shy, let us know!


Latest news

Have you seen our online survey? We are compiling data related to genome sequencing and we would love to hear from you! It only takes few minutes, and how often do you get to fill a survey related to DNA testing? So have some fun with this one!

Image of Merogenomics survey on genome DNA testing attitudes


How to obtain full genome sequencing

You can purchase a clinical genome sequencing screening test from one of the world's best providers, Variantyx, in one of three ways:

Image of Variantyx genome sequencing company logo

The steps for obtaining full genome sequence:

  • Get background information from Merogenomics and decide on the test order and options
  • Have a medical doctor sign a test requisition form
  • Collect blood samples at a local blood collection clinic or provide your saliva sample
  • Ship samples to a laboratory (free shipment provided)
  • The ordering doctor will receive the clinical results interpretation of your genome DNA sequence

Email Merogenomics to book your free consultation or call us at 780-665-5336.


You can purchase full genome sequencing in a couple of ways:

  • Merogenomics clients have the opportunity to pay for the clinical genome sequencing test in 6 monthly installments, interest free.
  • If you are a business owner, DNA testing can be purchased under the Private Health Services Plan. This means that you can enjoy genome sequencing benefits that are paid for through your company and deducted as a Business Expense at 100%! To be eligible, there has to be an indication for testing, so please ask us how you could qualify for DNA testing.

If you don't have PSHP for your business and you are interested in setting one up, we can connect you with a local expert, Luene La Fountaine, who performed the investigation for Merogenomics. 

Image of Variantyx genome sequencing company logo


Upcoming events

Merogenomics is proud to announce that it will be one of the participants at the upcoming seminar on DNA testing and critical illness insurance on February 21 at ATB Entrepreneur Centre. There will be two different short independent sessions, one from Merogenomics on how DNA sequencing can be used for future health protection, including insurability. This will merge into a talk from ATB Senior Life Insurance Specialists Leslie-Anne Preece, which will cover the details of critical illness insurance.

Click on the image below for more details about the event and for registration.

Image of February 21 2019 DNA testing and critical illness insurance event cover


How you can help educate others with this information

  • Forward this email to a friend who could benefit from it
  • Attend the events, and bring friends along
  • Spread the word about events, share  posts on social media
  • Consider sponsoring an event or upcoming post
  • Ask your doctor about ordering a genome sequencing test
  • Book a presentation with me for your colleagues


Happy genomes and stay tuned for future and exciting research and innovations!


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