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Hello, and happy World Dream Day!

It was in Sept of 1952 that a scientific publication by Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase confirmed for the first time that DNA is a genetic material. This was achieved by showing that when bacteria became infected it was the viral DNA and not viral proteins that showed up inside the infected bacterial cells and then also ended up in newly produced viruses. Mere months later, the structure of DNA was famously solved by Watson and Crick.

To continue our monthly history of Darwin, it was in September of 1831 that young Darwin first met Captain Fitzroy of the HMS Beagle who took him on his 5 year voyage. They reached the Galapagos archipelago in September 1835 and the uniqueness of similar species on individual islands gave birth to the idea of natural selection. But it took until September of 1857, 20 years after completion of that voyage, for Darwin to decide to publish his theory of evolution after correspondence with other famous scientists provided support to his theories.


Short educational video

This month's first video is a short promotional video that introduces the upcoming talk on Cancer Causes and Preventions (see below).

Image of Merogenomics cancer causes and prevetions promo video screenshot

This second video is dedicated to the topic of 23andMe testing for health information which can be found in the review of the 23andMe tests published by Merogenomics (see below). Discussed are data protection and other main considerations of the 23andMe tests.

Image of Merogenomics 23andMe review video screenshot


The latest publications

Our first featured article is the second installment of a review of the 23andMe DNA tests for health and wellness outcomes. 23andMe is one of the most popular direct-to-consumer DNA tests available and includes health-related DNA testing. This installment of the review includes: general information and what we applaud the test for; where it could use some improvement; analysis of the unique 23andMe diabetes predisposition testing; info for doctors encountering 23andMe test results; and some alternative testing options.


23andMe health reports - How accurate are they? 23andMe review part 2

GIF of Merogenomics part 2 post on 23andMe health reports


The second article is Merogenomics' first deep dive into pharmacogenetics, or the study of DNA sequences and their impact on personal medication use. However, we specifically chose to focus on medications used during childbirth and so we investigate if a link between DNA and such medication currently exists.

Childbirth pharmacogenetics

GIF of Merogenomics post on Childbirth pharmacogenetics


What piques your interest about Genomics? Let Merogenomics know! The information sought to provide an answer could be in a future blog post or video. This is how the article on childbirth pharmacogenetics was born (please excuse the pun).


The latest news

September was an exciting month. Numerous meetings and discussions took place in a race to start offering access to clinical DNA testing at one of the local Edmonton clinics. Merogenomics is pushing to secure a contract with one of the biggest providers of such tests to distribute the tests in Alberta. Fingers crossed that 2020 will start with official access to some very important and valuable testing for everyday Albertans in areas of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. A visit from one of the company representatives to Edmonton was greeted with a kind welcome and an amazing demonstration of the city’s potential in terms of the health sector development. A special thank you to the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation for their assistance!


Upcoming events

On Thursday September 26th, Dr. Mikolaj Raszek, Dr. Ganz Ferrance and Dr. Nicole Wilson will present on different topics related to whole-body holistic health. Dr. Raszek’s talk will be dedicated to what causes cancer and what can be done to prevent it, and a brief review of the scientific research on spirituality and cancer survival. The event will take place at the Wingate By Wyndham Edmonton West hotel and will include snacks, coffee breaks, and live music at the end of the night with all of the proceeds going to the Creating Hope charity. Approximately 50 spots are available and discount tickets are currently still on sale for few more days. Hope to see you there!

Image of Authentic Living September 26 2019 seminar Eventbrite cover


On Thursday October 24th, Dr. Mikolaj Raszek will participate in a seminar - along with Kyle Watson of Advico - dedicated to physicians looking to improve their clinic’s profitability. Dr. Raszek will talk about the advantages of introducing medical DNA testing into clinics and he will be discussing the benefits to both patients and the clinics. Mr. Watson will follow this by expanding on financial benefits available to physicians’ clinics by using timely appropriate tax strategies. Please contact Merogenomics or Advico for details on how to register for this private event if you are interested in attending. Dinner and refreshments will be served.

Image of Physicians seminar October 24 2019 Eventbrite cover


On Wednesday November 13th, Dr. Raszek will present on the benefits to businesses’ employees accessing DNA testing, then ATB Insurance Advisor Leslie-Anne Preece will talk on the benefits of Critical Illness Insurance for businesses. This event is targeting business owners interested in protecting their most valuable assets - their employees - as well as their bottom line.

Image of / ATB Wealth November 13 2019 seminar Eventbrite cover

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Happy genomes and stay tuned for future exciting research and innovations!


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