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Hello, and happy upcoming DNA day later this month (April 25)! Since DNA is the blueprint of who we are, it is like an extra birthday for every single one of us!


Short educational video

This month's short video is an excerpt from the first presentation by Merogenomics on non-invasive prenatal testing for pregnant women. This is a DNA-based test for proper fetus development and it is the most accurate screening option currently available to pregnant women. Thank you to those who came to support this event! This 3-minute video is part 2 – part 1 is also available, so please check it out. Enjoy!

Image of Merogenomics NIPT pregnancy screening short video


Latest publications

The first featured article for this month is another Merogenomics book review, this one focuses on how science and religion do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts. The book was written by Francis Collins, the current director of the National Institute of Health in the US, who was involved in overseeing the human genome project. If you're looking for a provocative and philosophical topic, this article is for you!


A review of The Language of God by Francis Collins

GIF image for the Merogenomics blog post on The Language of God by Francis Collins


The second article is a companion post to the presented video, about different pregnancy screening options, and how the NIPT test fits in into this category. The article discusses different potential pregnancy outcomes and how to test for them.


Pregnancy screening options and the role of NIPT

GIF of Merogenomics post on pregnancy screening options and the role of NIPT


If you have a question related to DNA that you always wanted to ask, let us know, we could answer it in a future post.


Latest news

Merogenomics is proud to announce we will commence with distributing the NIPT test for pregnant women, including a unique form of NIPT test that tests all chromosomes for anomalies. Typical NIPT tests only screen for the anomalies of three chromosomes (13, 18 and 21), so this is a fantastic resource for obstetricians. The Merogenomics website will be updated soon with more information – stay tuned!

Thank you to those who have participated in our online survey. We are hoping to partake in some research projects, and therefore wish to compile data related to genome sequencing interests in our local community. Please help us out and spread the news!

Image of Merogenomics survey on genome DNA testing attitudes


How to obtain full genome sequencing

You can sequence your full genome (all of your DNA), to learn about your health pre-dispositions or as-of-yet undiagnosed conditions. Since your entire DNA information will be captured, you will also obtain pharmacogenomic information (how you react to certain medications). If you plan to have children, you will also learn what disease conditions you are a carrier of. This means these conditions do not affect you, but if your partner is a carrier of the same mutations, you run the risk of your child inheriting the disease.


Steps required to order a full genome test are as follows:

  • The kit is ordered by Merogenomics for you (saliva or blood)
  • You and your doctor sign the test requisition form
  • Merogenomics provides you with a free shipping label
  • You provide the sample. If blood, the sample is collected at blood collection clinic of your choice (for an extra cost)
  • Send the sample to laboratory
  • The payment is due once the DNA sample passes quality control (in full or by 6 monthly instalments)
  • The sample is sequenced and the DNA data interpreted (6 weeks minimum)
  • Your ordering doctor obtains the medical report and determines medical management
  • Your DNA sequence is stored on cloud by the company for your future access. A hard copy of the data can be obtained (for an extra cost)
  • Reinterpret your DNA data in the future as needed

Merogenomics order steps


If you or someone you know suffers from an undiagnosed condition that the health care system cannot effectively diagnose, you can use full genome sequencing to help identify the diagnosis. Variantyx, is the company that Merogenomics promotes for the full genome DNA interpretation services for both the presumed healthy and undiagnosed patients, has also recently launched a philanthropic program called RareDx. The goal of this program is to help at least one patient a month suffering from a suspected undiagnosed genetic condition have their genome sequenced. If you know of anyone who suffers from an undiagnosed condition, please let us know and we can help you apply for the program.

Image of Variantyx genome sequencing company RareDx Program logo

Email Merogenomics to book your free consultation or call us at 780-665-5336.


Upcoming events

On April 16th at 7pm, Dr. Mikolaj Raszek will present a rapid fire 15-minute overview of genomic technologies at the Rotary Club of Edmonton Southeast, at the Millwoods Seniors Activity Centre located at 2610 Hewes Way. There is a $15 fee for this event and it includes a warm meal.

Image of Merogenomics April 16 2019 Medical DNA technologies event cover

Merogenomics is proud to be presenting at Nerd Nite Edmonton on April 30th at 8 pm on 10330 84 Ave NW (ATB Financial Arts Barns). This is a monthly event, organized by many cities around the world, with the purpose of presenting three "nerdy" topics to the general audience. Dr. Raszek will deliver a very atypical presentation on the future of DNA technologies, spanning the gamut of socially responsible to the absolutely crazy if ever attempted. Or has it already been attempted? The other presenters will discuss improvements of delivering education to kids, and how to whip up a ballet on a free afternoon, by our local Edmonton Symphony Orchestra composer. Tickets for this event are on sale now.

Image of Merogenomics April 30 2019 Future of DNA technologies event cover

On May 8, Dr. Raszek will present to a group of Raymond James wealth management advisors on the benefits of DNA sequencing for long-term planning. This is a closed event, however, if you or someone you know is a wealth advisor interested in such topics for colleagues or clients, please contact Merogenomics.

Image of Raymond James logo


How you can help educate others with this information

  • Forward this email to a friend who could benefit from it
  • Attend the events, and bring friends along
  • Spread the word about events, share posts on social media
  • Consider sponsoring an event or an upcoming post
  • Ask your doctor about ordering a genome sequencing test
  • Book a presentation with me for your colleagues


Happy genomes and stay tuned for future exciting research and innovations!


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